Top 4 Ways To Meet People During Quarantine

Trying to make new friends is hard enough. But trying to make new friends during a global pandemic? Now that's a true challenge. We know it can be uncomfortable and sometimes even awkward to try and form a relationship with someone you’ve never met before, especially when you can’t even meet them in person! Luckily however, we live in the modern age of technology and there are tons of ways to meet people online. Thus, we are given access to many platforms and services that have made this process slightly easier. Here is our list of the Top 4 Online Platforms to meet people during quarantine and feel less lonely:

1. QBuddy

  • QBuddy, formerly known as Quarantine Buddy, is a startup that was founded earlier this year by two students at Cornell University following the COVID-19 outbreak. Since then, QB has been growing rapidly, appearing on stations such as CBS This Morning, Live With Kelly and Ryan, and even being advocated for by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in his daily briefing email, among many others. Since April, QB has helped thousands of people meet new friends by systematically pairing users together as “buddies”. In addition, QB has found success in numerous other services such as hosting virtual events ranging from online cocktail hours to group baking activities. What started in a college dorm room has quickly become a go-to option for people to meet others during quarantine, and we so no reason why this success won’t carry over far after the pandemic has passed

2. Facebook Groups

  • If you have a skill, passion, or interest that you want to share with others, Facebook is a great place to do so. With Facebook groups, you can easily find communities for anything you’re looking to be a part of. This is a super simple and quick way to meet other people with similar interests to you, creating a great foundation to start developing relationships with others.

3. Reddit Forums

  • Probably the least personal platform thus far, Reddit has also shown to be a place to rant about whatever is on your mind with others. Maybe you don’t necessarily want to have a one on one conversation with someone else, but would rather participate as a member of a larger community or organization. Anything you feel passionate about or eager to speak on, Reddit is a reliable place where you can find others trying to do the same.

4. Tinder

  • If you’re looking for someone that is more than just a friend, look no further than Tinder. We know what you’re thinking, how on earth am I supposed to use Tinder when I can't even leave my house? Well, the answer is to rethink your perception of the app. The app is often used for casual hookups without the commitment, but who said it has to be that way? Use the app to meet people that you’d potentially be interested in meeting after the pandemic has passed. Use the time you have to actually get to know the people you’re interested in and find out what they’re all about…you never know what may come of it.

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