5 Tips To Feel Less Lonely

Feeling lonely is a sentiment that pretty much all of us have recognized at some point in our lives. True human connection is something that we as people naturally desire, which is why interacting with others is an integral part of many of the things that we do. In the midst of a global pandemic, meeting people to share ideas and connect with has become exponentially more challenging and thus, these feelings of loneliness and isolation have increased dramatically amongst people of all ages. So, we thought it may be helpful to put together a small list of things that you can do RIGHT NOW to feel less lonely. With that, here are 5 TIPS for feeling less lonely:

1. Stay Busy

  • There is nothing wrong with taking some much needed relaxation time. However, having TOO much time on your hands often causes people to think, and then overthink. This cycle can potentially lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation which can have pretty harmful effects on the body both physically and mentally. An easy way to combat this is to stay busy. Pursue a passion or read the book that you bought that's been sitting on your shelf for years unopened. Or even attend a virtual event! Whatever it is, keeping your body and mind active can help reduce stress as well as the anxiety we feel when lonely.

2. Set Goals

  • Setting realistic goals for yourself to work towards and achieve is a great way to also keep yourself busy. It can be really fun to watch your progress throughout the process, and the more committed you are to achieving your goals, the less you will find yourself caring about things like FOMO because your focus will be directed toward making your hard work worth something.

3. Learn a New Skill

  • There is no better time than right now to develop yourself. Similarly to number 2, learning a new skill or taking on a new hobby are great ways to deter feelings of loneliness since it forces your mind to focus on the task at hand and on the progression you are achieving. This could finally be the day where you start to learn how to play guitar or learn how to code. Better yet, start this journey with a friend! This further addresses the loneliness issue while also giving you someone who can motivate you and vice versa.

4. Exercise

  • Countless studies have shown the benefits that routinely exercising has on people's self both physically and mentally. Working out can help clear your head as well as help you to think more positively. You’ve already gotten something productive done today...not everyone can say that! Again, if you want to go further with this, ask a friend to be your workout buddy. Together, you guys can combat loneliness by working together and motivating one another to achieve your goals.

5. Take Advantage of Technology to Meet People!

  • The easiest way to feel less lonely is to meet people online! Although it seems like it has never been more difficult to meet new people, thanks to modern technology, we have never been more ready than we are now to meet people through virtual platforms. Many people have had positive experiences joining things like Facebook groups for things they’re passionate about or attending virtual events ranging from happy hours to current event discussions on websites like QBuddy. Rather than wait for someone to come to you, if you’re eager to not just combat loneliness, but are truly interested in developing a connection with someone else, these are excellent outlets to do so.

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