How to Avoid Scammers on Dating Sites

With the rise of meeting people online, it can be hard to navigate the online dating environment. On top of that, online dating scams are increasing, and it has become increasingly important for people to protect themselves and know the red flags while using these websites. Below are some red flags and warning signs to look out for when online dating to avoid being the target of a scam.

Warning Signs

Although it can be hard to tell from a first glance, there are a few warning signs to look out for on someone's profile. If they have only 1 or 2 pictures, or their pictures look like a model or stock photo, this might be reason to question. Additionally, pay close attention to their location. If they are looking for people in New York City, but don't even live in America, this might be cause for concern as well. Usually, if someone has very little to no information on their profile, something is up.

They ask for information that's a little tooooo personal

As soon as someone asks for any personal information such as where you live or any financial information at all, they are probably a scammer. They might even come up with a sad story to try to convince you to send them money- ranging from health problems, travel emergencies, or even family issues. If someone on a dating site asks for any personal information, there is a very good chance that you might be getting scammed.

They are moving *extremely* fast

Now this doesn't mean that you are 100% being scammed, but the way that these scammers work is to get you attached so that they can manipulate you into sending money or getting what they want. Part of this is pretending that they have a deep connection with you after only a week of talking, and even professing their love for you. They will often times try to be overly flattering right from the start, so keep an eye out for this

They never get on the phone or on videochat

This is the biggest sign that you are being catfished. When your suitor continues to come up with excuses for why they can't videochat, even if you guys have been talking for months, that's a red flag. This is probably because they are not who they say they are, especially if they used fake photographs in their profile. If they are professing their love to you yet will not get on a video chat, there is a good chance that they aren't who they say they are.

Although its difficult to catch scammers in the moment, these tips should help you raise the mental red flags in your mind when you're getting to know someone. It is very important to protect yourself while online dating, and sites like QBuddy help you do just that. By not revealing or requiring a lot of information, QBuddy matches you to compatible people without giving away any of your personal information. This privacy measure is a great way to protect yourself from online scammers.

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