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Fill out the matching form and tell us what you have been doing in quarantine so far and what you are looking for in a quarantine buddy! Some common answers include someone to Zoom Yoga with or to rant to about how bored you both are!


Our optimal matching algorithm will form the best possible quaranteams. You will receive an email with an introduction to your quarantine buddy every week!


Get to know your quaranteammate! You two will make it through this uncertain and difficult time together :)



about us

Quarantine Buddy was founded by a team of Cornell University students. We are passionate about connecting and empowering people as we all go through this uncertain and difficult time together. We want to connect people of all ages from all around the globe to bring the world together

Our machine learning algorithm strategically ranks and outputs the best possible quarantine buddy for you based on your background and what you are looking for

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Any questions? Feel free to reach out to us

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